Hello friends, cohorts, fellow misfits, welcome to my blog. i always kept a journal you know, thinking that when i'm dead and famous my decendants would get rich publishing it. ha ha, but it's nice to think there just might be a kindred spirit who meets me in the intangible abstract world of cyberspace, and finds themselves fuller from reading my words. this is for them. welcome.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finnish Sunset

The sun sets in Finland just as it does here in Muskoka. You are witnessing my first attempt at landscape painting, which is not nearly as fun as abstract painting if you ask me. I will not do it again.


Exec said...

Well, I enjoyed it.
: )
But if you prefer painting abstracts then I very much look forward to seeing them!

Gabrielle Andersen said...

I love the colours in your painting!